We’ve arrived in Australia

We are now settling into our new life in Sydney. We have a flat in an amazing location on the North Shore with some amazing views.  We have the flat for a few more weeks then we need to find somewhere for ourselves, which is easier said than done in Sydney.

This is the view from the balcony of our flat.

I am working just up the road from here on Pacific Highway so only a ten minute walk to work for me!  Sure beats an hour and three quarters on the train or in the car!

Unfortunately we cannot see the Opera House from the flat, but we have a great view of the bridge and over towards Balmain.

A view of the bridge at night with a Cruise ship passing under neath.

A move to Australia!

I have got a start date for a job in Australia.
I am due to start on 22nd March, working in Sydney. I am going to work for a company called Transfield Services.
Transfield Services is a service provider to the industrial, resources and infrastructure industries.
Their web site is:


Transfield Services


We are now busy trying to decide what to take, and what to leave. We also have to decide where we want to live in Sydney, it is all very expensive!