Luton Station

The joys of contracting take me to Peterborough for a project at Luton.
I am now doing some work for Jarvis, planning an S&C renewal at Luton North Junction and the permanent way works necessary to remodel the platforms.
This is quite a complicated project, with our p-way works comprising a part of it.

Looking towards the station.
Looking towards the station.

Yes I am behind the barrier!
Yes I am behind the barrier!

These photos are from a fenced green zone set up by the civils guys to build the new foundations for the new OLE masts.
The track is to be realigned over the bridge to allow the platforms to be lengthened to the north.
Luton North Junction is to the north of here, but access is not good due to the curves through the bridges and into the station.
The areas shown in these photos are due to be relaid in Week 1 with the works on the Junction spread over Week 4 and Week 6.

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